There is nothing worse than hunger,’ says South Africa hero Siya Kolisi of helping townships during lockdown

The nine provinces of South Africa

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South Africa with kids

You may wonder how you are supposed to pick a place to holiday in SA. There are so many wonderful options. I thought it may be a good idea to tell you a bit about the nine provinces that make up this lovely country, so you have a better idea of where to start planning.

The Western Cape

Arial view of Cape Town

The Western Cape is where most visitors will spend the bulk of their holiday. It’s home to Cape Town, the Cape wine regions, a big chunk of the Garden Route and some fantastic scenery. If you only pick one province to visit, this has to be it.

The Eastern Cape

Beautiful coastal scenery

The Eastern Cape is a lot more rugged than the Western Cape. Here you can find secret unexplored places and hike for miles along a pristine coastline without seeing another soul. Port Elizabeth is…

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Pictures (great) by my old friend, John

JOHN'S PIX: Pictures (great) by my old friend John ("Jet")

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The Journey of my “Political Awakening”

South Africa: "the Beloved Country"

st-george-s-cathedralHow times have changed (from Apartheid to a New South Africa)!

A witness to history: seeing police chasing University of Cape Town (UCT) students in Wale and down Adderley street from the Liberty Life offices in Adderley St, Cape Town (at my first job)

How a South African “moegoe” (= ‘drongo’) became politically aware

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St Georges 2

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South Africa: Operation Fiela – Where Nothing’s Sacred, Not …

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SA, Why Cape Town should be on yr bucket list

Sunshiny SA Site

The link above is the path to Cape Town Travel with the love expressed by those already experienced and those who made Cape Town their bucket list destination.

Simply copy and paste the link into your browser.

Share in our  love and pride for Cape Town.

Pictures from my travels…

The Splendours of Cape Town…

Robben Island Tours… Experience Nelson Mandela’s days in seclusion.

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Africa smiled a little, when you left…”

South Africa: "the Beloved Country"


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Pic (below) great) by my old friend, John
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