It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

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“Climb those mountains, keep chasing your dreams and then one sunny day catch hold of them, but don’t forget to stop, rest a while…and admire the view along the way, seeing how far you’ve already come from the higher slopes of life’s long (and at times very rocky, difficult) journey.”

Epic journey of hope


In 2010 – before the conflicts the Arab Spring brought, before refugee bodies washed up on Mediterranean beaches and long before an American reality TV star became US President and demanded to “build a wall” – two men sat in a car in a shanty town in South Africa and talked about a child forced to flee a “failed state”.

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Twenty-eight up: A fascinating insight into lives forged in the emerging New South Africa


The documentary 28UP South Africa, a series in which six children (now adults) were filmed every seven years since 1992. It shows the country’s transformation as well as the children’s, giving insight into life in a country that has gone through momentous change.
Part One

Part Three

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John’s Books: John Newton Photography

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John’s pictures (great -from my usb no 11)

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“Taken from the portfolio of an unappreciated , unsung genius photographer: Whose constantly brilliant world class works go unheralded , unnoticed , for far too long…”
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Pictures (great) by my old friend John (“the world’s third worst photographer”, so he calls himself), but whose photographic talents I definitely do NOT possess)!


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“Explore, dream, discover”


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The windmills of my mind (today)

JOHN'S PIX: Pictures (great) by my old friend John ("Jet")

mountains early morning light2.jpgmountains early morning light

When I was quite young I was a little baffled when my Dad said, “ Just look at those mountains, are they not just too beautiful ? “

Really ? They are just mountains, was my silent reaction.

Now so many years later, Mountains in the early morning light, or the gentle hues of evening, a Forrest at any time of the day, the unheralded consummate beauty of insects, birds, animals of any description, the sea, ever restless majestic and powerful, hold me spellbound , humble and grateful.

My wealth lies in my mind, a kaleidoscope of images, scents , nuances and feelings, the salty sea on my skin, the memory of a fragrance, a loved one, no longer there, my special, oh so special furry four footed loves, gone to a playground in the sky, perhaps.

No money in this World can buy the gentle touch of the…

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